a new ADR voice casting company with over 30 years' experience!

Recent projects include working on productions for the BBC, ITV, Hat Trick, Wall to Wall, Island Pictures, and on Michael Caine's new movie 'Mr Morgan's Last Love'.

If you would like to discuss a project in person we will be happy to meet with you and advise regarding numbers of actors you may need, and/or casting specific actors for re-voicing/post-synching.

Alternatively, if you know how many actors you need and just want a quote, please call David John on 07768 863427 who can give you a competitive costing over the phone or by email. We can then cast, book and pay actors on your behalf, even if it's at very short notice!

You can expect the most experienced and talented actors in London drawn from film, TV & theatre. We will also offer you any accent or language that you may need.

All sessions will have a group leader heading a team that is thoroughly prepared to provide you with innovative and period appropriate dialogue in authentic accents in a professional and speedy manner. We will provide you with photos of actors who are coming, so you know whom to expect. For specific castings we can send voice clips by email so you are sure to be getting the exact voices you require./

We would love to hear from you what your specific requirements are and how best we can help you.

We're friendly and calm, and will provide you with what you need with the minimum of fuss. Now that's surely worth a call!/